560x342-wearing-mens-cologneThinking about eating these foods and scents may make you more than just hungry. Here’s 10 scents and foods that really turn people on.


Ladies, lose the lingerie. Vanilla might do the trick instead. It’s the “number one fragrance that makes men drool.” It’s also calming, invigorating, and euphoric. The science is in too. Research has shown that “vanilla is potent in the arena of love.” So make sure the sex smells vanilla but isn’t. Zinger!


Women love roses, we all know that but did you know that ancient people frequently used them in their love potions? Turns out they were on to something, roses contain”phenylethylamine,” the chemical produced by people in love. Plus, they’re pretty. So, there’s that.


Some call it “nature’s viagara” for increasing blood flow but beets pack more punch than that — they have boron, which stimulates sex hormone production.

But the real kicker is this: beets smell like the most “powerful stimulating aroma on earth.” That’ll do it.


Patchouli is known for its use in oils in tantric sex practices in India — supposedly the scent “awakens and provokes sexual energy.” Patcholi is also the unofficial scent of all hippies and they did create the Summer of Love back in 1967.


Bananas definitely take the cake as the most sexual-looking item on the list but did you know they’re packed with nutrients that help with sexual hormone production? You know that feeling of being hot and bothered? That’s what bananas do in the right context.

As if there wasn’t enough suggestion going on regarding male genitalia, ‘nanners also reportedly get dudes going as a libido enhancer.


Ginger is said to increase “sexual prowess” and has circulatory enhancing properties aka gets your blood going. On top of that, ginger goes perfectly with many alcoholic drinks so now you know what to order at the next happy hour.


Health expert Barbara Klein said that avocado’s abundant vitamin E helps keep up “youthful vigor and energy level.” Funny tidbit: The Aztecs had some REAL hang ups with “the chocolate of fruit.” They thought it was so sexy that they kept their daughters inside during the harvesting season.


Figs have been found to increase sexual stamina. It’s also reported that in some European counties, weddings feature people throwing figs instead of rice. Also, some say that figs are the fruit that Eve ate in the Garden of Eden, so most people already associate them with snakes. BOOM!

Chile Peppers

Capsaicin, the ingredient that sets your mouth on fire and is present in all chiles, will make your kisses “fiery” but not just because it’s a natural irritant. Capasicin makes your heart rate and blood pump, according to About.com, and this can get some blood down to where it needs to be to make magic happen. Hubba-hubba-hubbanero.


Jasmine is one of the primary ingredients of perfume says SheKnows.com. This sexy smell,reportedly works by “releasing endorphins [from] the pituitary gland.” Or in plain english: “makes you feel good and horny.”