Black Pants for Every Body Type

They’re fashion’s holy grail. Thanks to the experts, the search is officially over.

If You’re…Tall


Show off those legs with these crisp, flared trousers. “They’re what I buy for my tall clients,” says Noelle Cellini, Chicago-based personal stylist and founder of the Style Academy, an online style school. “When you have long limbs, you can pull off details like high necks, wide lapels, and full sleeves—and these pants can be worn with almost anything.”

If You’re…Petite


A trim cropped cut won’t overpower a small frame. “And the vertical creases down the front make legs look longer,” says Randi Packard, New York City–based market editor and brand consultant. “They also have compression fabric, so they’re slimming all over.”

If You Have…Full Hips and Thighs


“You want a cut that falls straight down from the widest point of the thigh—this makes curves look less wide,” says Bridgette Raes, New York City–based personal stylist and author of Style Rx. The slight bootcut is effortless yet structured.

If You’re…Plus Size With Curves


Wide-leg styles are made for plus-size bodies. “This pair skims curves, nips the waist, and gives that look of the longest legs ever,” says blogger Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista. The dramatic silhouette makes even the most basic top look trendy.

If You Have a…Tummy


A classic straight-leg plays well with your entire closet, and the flat-front design also sits nicely on the waist for extra midsection support. “It’s best to avoid pleats and baggy cuts that may draw attention to your midriff,” says Minnie Romanovich, stylist for Keaton Row, a personal styling service.

If You’re…Plus Size With a Tummy


This not-too-fitted skinny hugs in just the right places, smoothing out lumps and bumps through the midsection and thighs. “They are made of a cool material—a thick, scuba-like blend of cotton and polyamide,” says Denee. “You can wear them at night with a fun top, or pair them with a suit jacket for work.”