8 Benefits of Showering with Your Spouse


If the thought of showering with your spouse instantly leaves you thinking “no way!” then you may want to think again. Sudsing up with your mate has several benefits, and no, it’s not just about increasing sexual desire (although that’s certainly on the list). See for yourself why showering together is good on many fronts.

1. Boosts romance

Plain and simple, the shower is ideal for setting a romantic mood. The feeling of warm water and the pleasant scents of body washes and soaps creates a wonderful sensory experience. Add to that the close proximity of each other’s bodies and one thing can very easily lead to another. For example, instead of hurrying through your shower or focusing only on cleansing yourself while you’re in there together, consider gently caressing your spouse’s body with a soapy sponge and let your imaginations go from there.

2. Saves water

The U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS) Water Science School estimates that older showers without water-saving shower heads use about five gallons of water every minute, while ones with water-saving heads use approximately two gallons each minute. Averages indicate that men tend to take a nine-minute shower, while women surpass that by another 30 seconds. So, doing some basic math using this timeframe and assuming you’re using a water-saving shower head, you’re looking at 18 ½ minutes of shower time if you shower individually. At about two gallons of water used per minute in this particular example, that’s 37 gallons of water.

Now, imagine both of you showering at the same time where you simply wash and rinse (sorry, lingering and romantic moments not included). The 37 gallons can easily be reduced, which is good for water conservation. And it’s easy; while your spouse lathers up, wet your body under the stream of water in preparation for cleansing. Then, simply trade places; lather up while your soapy spouse rinses. You might find that your total showering time together is just over the average for one person.

3. Keeps your health in check

Although experts suggest inspecting our bodies to check for changes on a regular basis, not many of us take the time to break out a full length mirror and get to it. In the shower, close contact allows your spouse can observe things on your body that you might not easily notice on yourself. Changes in moles or the appearance of new ones, skin discolorations and rashes are some examples that could be hiding in spots like behind your knees or the middle of your back. Also, in the case of washing and touching one another, lumps or knots under the skin may be detected.

4. Fosters better communication

With nothing but a shower curtain and some steamy walls around you, you’ll likely feel more at ease when talking. While it’s not necessarily the time to bring up the topic of wanting to move to another state or make a major career change (imagine how much water that would take up!), it’s the perfect place to touch on how your day went, discuss weekend plans or bring closure to a silly argument from the night before. Sometimes, a simple change in atmosphere is all it takes to enhance communication.

5. Relieves stress

The shower helps you and your spouse enjoy quiet time so you can erase the day’s stress. Surrounded by warm, cascading water, nice scents and each other’s company, who wants to think about traffic or a particularly challenging day at work? In the shower, you can both create a private escape right in your own home; hop in the shower and don’t give bothersome events a second thought.

6. Helps you multitask

In today’s busy times, taking a shower together is something many couples opt to do in order to save time. Romance and lingering aside, if a couple simply washes and rinses together then they free up time to focus on activities that may require input or physical assistance from the other. Changing the sheets, cooking, sorting out bills and coordinating calendars are a few examples.

7. Develops your sense of humor

According to a neuroscientist who studied the effects of laughter across a variety of couples, humor is essential in fostering bonds and diffusing anger. It can allow couples to gain insight into each other’s thoughts, ease stress and strengthen a weakening relationship.

The shower is environment where all kinds of laughter can unfold if you allow yourselves to get silly together. Let some of your childlike qualities surface; considering soaping up your hair then using your hands to make a funny-looking Mohawk on your head, or using the shampoo bottle as a “microphone” while you do a naked newscast in your best serious announcer voice. Use your imagination and get some laughs going. They may also lead to some great inside jokes in the weeks to come, creating a special, private bond.

8. Increases confidence

There’s nothing like standing naked in front of your spouse to get rid of any body-consciousness you have—you can’t cover up, bolt away and hide behind a half-opened door or dart off into the next room. When you shower together, you’re both working towards getting rid of whatever body insecurities you have by showing each other your real selves—scars, stubble, stretch marks, bellies and all.

At the same time, it’s a great moment to showcase what makes you feel confident. For example, if you’re proud of your biceps or the fact that you lost weight, it’s a fun time to show off the new and improved you and boost your confidence as a result!

So go ahead and start showering with your spouse. You’ll save water, share some laughs, make sure your health is in a good place and who knows—maybe the next stop will be your bedroom. What’s to lose?