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13 Styling Secrets The Most Fashionable Women Live By

There’s a certain kind of woman who appears effortlessly styled wherever she goes. We’ve come to know this woman as the fashion girl — the type who just gets outfit proportions, layering tricks, and how to pull off the trend of the moment. Sure, her styling prowess can be downright irritating — how does she always make it seem so easy? — but it can also be incredibly enlightening.

We’ve studied the styling habits of some really chic women and put together all the tips and tricks you need to know. Just scroll on for the styling secrets fashion girls live by.

Master the Basics First


Fashion girls aren’t above the basics; they just know how to rock them. T-shirts, skinny black pants, and a classic pump are all among stylish women’s must haves

2.  Change Your Look With Layers


In a fashion girl’s closet, a sheath dress isn’t just a sheath dress, it might also be a jumper. They look to transform staples like a great LBD into a fabulous day dress by adding a collared shirt or pretty blouse underneath. Just start experimenting with your layers; you never know what combinations you’ll love.

3.  Never Be Afraid to Mix Prints


Whoever said you couldn’t wear stripes with polka dots had no idea just how cool they would look together. Fashion girls never play by rules like that, mixing up splashy prints with ease. If you’re new to the print game, look for patterns that have a similar color scheme to start, then work your way up to bolder, brighter combinations.

4.  Do the Half-Tuck

Tucking in your shirt has become something of an art form, and naturally fashion girls are really, really good at it. The half-tuck has been embraced by bloggers and street style darlings for its effortlessly chic feel, and getting the tuck just right is sort of like styling 101 for them. Just tuck the front in and let the tail hang out for the right effect.

5.  Roll Up Your Sleeves


There’s more than one way to wear a button-down. It might just be the easiest trick in the book, but rolling up your sleeves makes a big difference. It depends on the shirt and the look you’re going for, but rolled sleeves feel more lived-in and a little more purposefully styled.

6.  Knot It

Tees are meant to be twisted, rolled, and knotted — and stylish girls are adept at working them all the right ways. Knotting them at the waist is an essential styling trick that helps define your figure and can help you repurpose a dress as a skirt. Simply add a button-down or t-shirt over your dress and knot it at the waist to create the illusion of a top and skirt. How’s that for layering?

7.  Belt It

For waist definition or an added outfit perk, girls like Olivia Palermo know the value of belting it. A skinny one like hers lends polish to finish an ensemble, while a wider leather belt can define curves and slim the body.

8.  Drape Your Jacket

Outerwear becomes infinitely more chic when it’s draped nonchalantly over the shoulders, rather than worn with the arms through the sleeves. It’s fashion, not function.

9.  Embrace New Trends

. . . just not all at once. You’ll never see a really chic girl going full-throttle into this season’s trends. Instead, fashion girls like Hanneli Mustaparta take on the season’s must-have pieces, like overalls or statement shades, and mix them with no-fail favorites, like ankle-strap heels and a great tee, to give it their own spin.

10.  Again, (Really) Change Your Look With Layers


It goes beyond dresses and jackets; fashion girls get creative with their layers. Try adding a tube top or crop top over a button-down or t-shirt, and watch the compliments roll in.

How To Wear Sneakers Like A Supermodel

The sneakers/trainers/running shoes trend, whatever you want to call it, has exploded onto the fashion scene for Fall 2015 and is really taking off! Brands like Nike, New Balance and more are releasing their takes on the neon sneakers and fashion bloggers from across the globe have jumped on board the trend! I myself haven’t felt comfortable opting into it as I’m not really a sporty person and have more of a classic style, but athletic sneakers can be really difficult to incorporate into a fashionable outfit, without looking like you just hit the gym. I’ve included multiple photos of street style stars, bloggers and more sporting the sportswear trend and rocking it! Hopefully this gives you some great inspiration on how to include sneakers into your outfits, whether they be neon, coloured or neutral! Which looks do you like?

3024332_jeans DSC_4393_zps7a9a7c0b How-Wear-Dress-Sneakers media_141053541507481700 neon-sneakers-5 neon-sneakers-5 Reebok-Skyscape-Sneakers-in-Pink_-5 sneakers-and-sundress1




Autumn – characteristics and best colors to wear!

 A true Seasonal Color Analysis AUTUMN is the most elegant and sophisticated of all the color palettes. As Summer fades into Autumn glory, the colors become soft and rich, warm and blended.


The Autumn shades can be dull on many people, but on your they look CLASSIC and ELEGANT, RICH and EXPENSIVE!

If your color characteristics are WARM, DEEP and SOFT then these are the colors for you.

Match your natural coloring…



Your hair: is likely to be auburn through to a rich WARM DEEP chestnut, sometimes even deeper.

As your hair begins to turn grey, you are likely to lose some warmth unless you carefully add some color. Ensure that it’s not solid but a subtle mixture of tones to create a natural look. Your complexion will then retain the dominant WARMTH of the Autumn palette.

Your eyes: will be WARM probably a pure golden amber, soft and glowing, green or if your hair is very dark they may be deeper brown – but always with a golden warmth.

Your skin tone: is WARM with a golden undertone but will create a distinct contrast with your eyebrows and hair tone.


Color Families


If you fit perfectly into this category your natural coloring is glorious!

However, if you’ve been analyzed as a Warm Autumn a Deep Autumn or a Soft Autumn then you may not be a true AUTUMN at all! In fact you may not even be a Season!

Most importantly, you may be missing out on a wider range of colors you could be enjoying because your palette has been diluted.

AUTUMN shades will create Color Balance with your own natural coloring

Your Color Direction and your Color Selections


Your most flattering colors are always:

  • Warm, Deep and Muted (soft)
  • with a golden (yellow) undertone)
  • Ivory and cream is always better than pure white which is too stark for your warm complexion
  • every shade of nature from deep golds and oranges, rich reds and greens, heathery blue mountains and deep teal of the sea

Your most flattering neutrals:


  • camel and coffee brown through to the deepest chocolate
  • ginger and terracotta through to the deepest rust
  • Warm marine navy, warm grey or olive green

The beautiful array of colors in your COLOR FAMILYwill enhance and intensify the warm golden undertones and bring your coloring to life.

Your skin and eyes are always clearer when you are wearing complementary tones and blemishes will be minimized. A natural bloom will appear; the right make-up will enhance this even more.

Do your colors change as you age?

No – your natural coloring is genetic so it never changes. However, as your hair begins to grey, skin also can lose color – particularly a Warm skin.

Coloring your hair will allow the Warmth to stay dominant. Sometimes the Muted softness can become more dominant and you’ll feel better in the softer shades of the color palette.

But… that is by no means always the case and many women continue to enjoy their brightest shades.

How to cope with HARD-TO-WEAR colors


Your least flattering colors:

  • Avoid colors with a blue undertone – too harsh for your complexion
  • Avoid colors that are too pale – they do not match the depth of your coloring
  • Avoid colors that are harsh and bright against your softness

Cool Bright colors – raspberry, royal blue, blue red – are not your best shades. If you must wear them, team them with a cooler color near to your face which will soften the effect.

Like to wear black for the evening? Fine, just wear a slightly lower neckline and introduce some lustrous pearls to bring softness to your face. A creamy ivory can be introduced to make things work; a scarf near to your face, a collar over a jacket, even a pair of gold or cream pearl earrings will introduce WARMTH.

Makeup for AUTUMN color tones

How to do Cavalli Eye makeup

Discover the best makeup shades to flatter your Warm skin.

Wearing complementary tones from your COLOR FAMILY will enhance and intensify your golden tones bringing your natural coloring to life.

Your skin and eyes will be clearer and any blemishes will be minimized – a natural bloom will return to your cheeks.



Choosing new glasses? The color and shape is as important as any other accessory. It’s a long time purchase so make sure they flatter your skin tone and harmonize with the rest of your outfit.

Whether spectacles or sunglasses, flatter your coloring withbrushed gold colored metals,  beige, brown, green, tortoiseshell and any of the colors from your color swatch.

Lensoffers have a vast range of budget and designer frames to buy online and try at home. Advice on face shapes and even a virtual TRY-ON facility!

Jewelry for Seasonal Color Analysis AUTUMN

Jewelry is the most beautiful adornment a woman can have. Make sure it flatters your skin tone – choose gold, copper, bronze, creamy pearls, warm stones and enamels, even wooden beads.

College Essentials You Never Knew You Needed


Back to school, back to reality. The dog days of summer are coming to an end and you know what that means: Never-ending dorm wars, pong parties and OK, maybe a little bit of class, too. But first things first. You’re going to need a few things to get you through the year. Here are 10 essential items you may have forgotten on your college packing list.

1. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Unless you want to listen to your overly-energized neighbor fake eight orgasms with her long-distance boyfriend at four in the morning, we suggest noise-canceling headphones. Pronto.

2. Basic Bitch PJs

This isn’t a production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and you’re not Elizabeth Taylor. Put down the silk negligee. It’s just weird.

3. The Overachieving Interview Dress

You’ll probably hear people tell you to bring a formal dress to college. But those are the same people who will also tell you to bring a sewing kit. 1954 is over. What you really need is a simple black interview dress because a) you need to bag an internship and b) you’ll be up to your armpits in student debt.

4. Boring High Heels

See número three. Any questions?

5. Every Halloween Costume You’ve Ever Worn

College just wouldn’t be the same without themed parties: Mathletes and Athletes, Guys in Ties and Girls in Pearls, Bathing Suits and Cowboy Boots…the list is endless. Rise to the challenge, young grasshopper.


6. A Scarf You Will Become Awkwardly Attached To

Universities have a knack for turning classrooms into subarctic caves of slumber. Just before your eyelashes freeze to your face, grab your scarf from your bag. Frostbite is a pain.

7. An Indestructible Water Bottle

Dainty designer bottles are pretty, but can they withstand being rolled over by an American Spirit-smoking hipster driving a hybrid? We didn’t think so. You’ll need a Nalgene for that.

8. Mirrored Sunglasses to Help You Get Your Creep On

Your parents may not want to hear it, but you’ll be drunk, hungover and slightly spaced out for four years. You’ll also be busy trying to avoid any one-night blunders like the plague. That’s where mirrored sunglasses come in. Work the magic.


9. New “Period Free” Undies

Let’s be very clear here. New underwear needs to be at the top of your “what to pack for college” list. Why? Because you’re going to be doing your laundry in public. With boys. Who will take out your clothes from the dryer if you don’t hover in front of it like a honeybee. Need we say more?

10. Loungewear That Can Leave Your Room

College students have a black belt in the ancient art of lounging. They take it very seriously. Do not interrupt the chi.


SONY DSCa838ea8f15b85e62b42a1ddfe5bed0dc68669025b685834652a6383b42ec1131short-patenrnedShorts-Women-High-Quality-Plus-Size-XXL-Autumn-Winter-Warm-Classical-Shorts-Feminino-Fashion-Hot-ShortWomen-Lace-Shorts-New-2014-Korean-Design-Casual-Autumn-Winter-Thick-Stretch-Cotton-Cloth-Shorts-Women




6 Ways to Make the Pencil Skirt Work for You


Want to instantly whittle your waist, enhance curves, appear slimmer, and look chic no matter the occasion? Simple: stock up on the coveted pencil skirt.

No longer your grandmother’s go-to ensemble, this timeless wardrobe must-have has been boosting the confidence of women everywhere for decades and it’s now hotter than ever, thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Christina Hendricks making it a red carpet staple. And no matter your body type, rocking the pencil skirt can flatter your figure and make the most out of your favorite accessories. It’s no wonder this hip-hugging skirt has withstood the test of time.

“The history (of the pencil skirt) is quite fascinating,” explains image consultant Thea Wood. “Dior introduced the design to relieve women of the impractical hobble skirt, named after a restraint for horses.”

Yikes. Fortunately for us, the pencil skirt is a lot easier to wear and is perfectly stylish for day or night.

“It highly contrasted to Dior’s ‘New Look’ A-line skirt, which is full and allows for movement. (However), if you feel bottom heavy in an A-line, the pencil skirt is your best alternative.”

Los Angeles-based stylist Laurie Brucker agrees that this simple, yet sizzling hot silhouette continues to be in high demand.

“Forget A-line skirts being ‘universally flattering,’” says Brucker. “For me and my clients, it’s all about the pencil skirt. I’ve worked with women of all shapes, sizes, and proportions and pencil skirts are ‘for the win’ in every wardrobe. I’ve seen them work on every frame and every shape.”

How can this once-office must-have work for you? Several celebrity stylists reveal how to make the pencil skirt your new thing for whenever and wear–ever.

Enhance Your Best Features

“If your trouble spots are on your bottom half, sticking to a solid color pencil skirt is your best bet,” explains style expert Hilary Kennedy. “You can pair it with a patterned or textured blouse or sweater on top. However, if your bottom half is slim and trim, try bold patterns to mix things up and add the illusion of curves.”


Look Slimmer with Simple Tricks

Celebrity stylist Ali Levine emphasizes that a pencil skirt can be worn with a variety of blouses, blazers, and accessories, meaning you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck. However, if you’re looking to create a slimming effect, make sure you keep one important tip in mind. “If you’re more curvy, opt for a top with ruffles or a deep V-neck to give you the appearance of being slimmer,” says Levine. “Color blocking is also a fun way to express yourself with pencil skirts.” If you prefer to color block, make sure the darker shade is applied on the areas of your body you’re looking to conceal.


Find the Right Looks for You

“There are so many positive attributes about the pencil skirt that it’s almost impossible not to have at least one hanging in your closet,” says style expert and model Jaimie Hilfiger. “A high-waisted style with a shorter hemline will add height and a style with a ruched tummy panel will also make a plus-size woman look slimmer.” When it comes to pencil skirts, make sure you select the right fight for your body, as a bigger size will add extra volume to your midsection and a too-tight version will not only make it difficult to walk comfortably, but also created unwanted bulges in all the wrong areas!


Get a Custom Fit

Speaking of fit, how can anyone pick the perfect pencil for one’s body type? “First, the waist line should sit high-waisted so that it is flattering to your waistline, which is about 2 inches above your belly button,” explains Brucker. “Second, the skirt itself should fit nicely at the widest point of your hips and then go straight down to the hem. If the skirt starts to curve in under your hip, it will be over-accentuating your hips, so it’s important that the skirt fits straight down your widest hip point.” Brucker also adds that when it comes to the hemline, it’s all about personal choice, but petite ladies, in particular, should find a skirt that sits right about the knee to create the illusion of leaner, longer legs. “For average height or taller women, I recommend for the hem line to hit you at the smallest point of your legs, which is above or directly below the knee,” she states.


Create an Hourglass Figure

Yearning for a highly coveted hourglass figure without squeezing into a pair (or two) of Spanx? Make belts and one other popular fashion trend your friends. “Create an hourglass look with a belt that’s darker than the top and skirt,” says Wood. “You can also try it with a peplum top. Opt for darker colors and, if you’re experimental, vertical prints if you’re bottom heavy.”


Be Daring

“If you’re a bit more adventurous, I absolutely love doing mixed prints or a mono-print look with a crop top and pencil skirt,” says New York City-based celebrity stylist Sara Cooper. “This is a great way to show a little skin, but too much. And a high-waisted pencil skirt is especially flattering, giving the illusion of super long legs. The key is to wearing a form-fitted pencil skirt is keeping the top portion more voluminous and less fitted to balance the look.” While this daring style isn’t meant for the office, you can still tone it down with a matching blazer.


Tasteful Ways to Wear See-Through Clothing


Do you know those gorgeous see-through clothes you see on stores?

Do you wonder how you can wear them?

Well, it can look difficult but there are some simple ways to wear see through tops, dresses or skirts.

Read about them below.

4 Easy Ways to Wear See-Through Clothes

1. Wear a basic skin-tone or white top underneath the see-through top (or a slip underneath the see-through dress).

black-spaghetti-strap-vest-top The-Little-Black-Dress-Chanel-2014-2015-1

2. Wear a basic top or bra of the same color of the see-through top (or a slip of the same color as the see-through dress).

A basic top is the safer and classier option but if you like to take some fashion risks, try wearing only a bra (just be careful because you can easily go from trendy to trashy!).


3. Wear a beautiful bra and it can become a part of your look.

4. Wear a bright colored bra underneath the see-through top or dress, in a contrasting color. This is a hot trend this year!

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How to Look Cool in Glasses


Glasses are awesome fashion accessories, but sometimes people will make fun of you for wearing them. Looking cool in glasses is 50% getting the right pair for your face and 50% rocking the style with confidence. Whether you already have glasses, or need to get them soon, you could probably use some tips and tricks if you’re feeling self-conscious with your glasses on.

Choose Eye Glasses. If your mom/dad has recommended something for you, don’t be so fast to blow it off. Just because your parents like it, doesn’t make it an instant “no”. After all, they’re the ones who can see them.

Pick glasses that reflect your personality.

Don’t act any different because you have glasses. You’re you, that’s that.

Learn to like your glasses. A typical stereotype is “Girl/Boy with glasses is a “geek”. Ignore it. Glasses are so you can see clearly. They don’t label you. Keep that in mind.

Keep them in the best possible condition. Clean your glasses. Be careful not to drop them, don’t get the frame or lenses scratched, and make sure you keep them clean. Wash them daily, water will work just fine if you’re not so sure about cleaners.

Get a nice case that works with your glasses. Pick one that YOU like.

Baby Doll Dresses


In 1956 the movie Baby Doll starring Carroll Baker gave origin to the popularity of the “baby doll” nightgown, the costume worn by Baker’s childlike sensual character in the film. Although the film was heavily censored and banned in some countries, the baby doll style gained force and more than 50 years later it is still fashionable.

With the years, the baby doll has made a jump from the bedroom to the high street where women of all shapes enjoy the freedom of wearing a baby doll dress.


 What Is A Baby Doll Dress?

If you have been living on another planet and have failed to see Hollywood icons like Sandra Bullockwearing baby doll dresses, don’t worry you are not too late to catch up. A baby doll dress is, as you can imagine, highly inspired on the baby doll nightgown.

The dress is feminine, and flirty, ideal for those days when you are feeling a bit bloated. It usually skims gracefully through curves accentuating your best assets like beautiful breasts or a great pair of legs.

How to Wear a Baby Doll Dress

The thing about a baby doll dress is that it can make you look incredibly sexy or horrendously ridiculous. If you have an ample bosom and relatively flat stomach this look can make you look both sweet and sexy. However, if you have heavy thighs you would be better wearing a long version.

  • Get proper support from your underwear. This goes for every item of clothing. Proper underwear that holds everything in place can make a big difference to your overall look. If you want to wear a baby doll dress with a deep plunging neckline choose a push-up bra to enhance your assets, this will drive attention away from ‘problem’ areas and will help the effect of the hourglass figure. Some of the Victoria’s secretbaby doll dresses come with in-built brassieres.


  • The length: Just a few inches above the knee is best. If you are petite, you can wear it a bit shorter but not too much. Bear in mind that baby doll dresses are flowy and they will “show off” in a windy day. Which takes me to the next rule for wearing a baby doll dress: never wear one during a windy day or for doing vigorous dancing like a Ceilidh or a Salsa party unless of course you want to show your “jewels” on every turn!


  • High heels go very well with baby doll dresses. Look at Paris Hilton wedges, they are just perfect for her dress, not too flashy but with enough added high. If you are wearing your dress on the beach, you can even get flip flops with a little heel or wedge to add high and glamour.


  • Printed dresses look better on tall girls. If you are petite a one colour only dress will look nicer on you. If you have a small bust, you can enhance its looks with a different bust colour, like the Paris Hilton dress on the right.


  • To avoid the “pregnant” look you should wear appropriate make up and avoid going out with a “morning sickness” look. Wear high heels and walk tall! Look at the model on the right, she is wearing a vibrant red babydoll dress with high heels and proper make up you cannot say that she looks pregnant, she just looks stunning!


How to Dress Like a French Woman


Aaaah, yes, French fashion style. Whether you’re fascinated by their style or need ideas on how to avoid looking like a tourist when traveling in France, these key tips to French fashion and French clothing will steer you in the right direction.

Two key elements of sleek French style are: Tailored at day and alluring feminine at night.

They often wear basics and sometimes add a trendy detail or splashy color for that extra *ooomph* in their outfit.

Neutral colors are a must in their everyday style, but to keep their outfits up to date, they might add bold colors like red, purple and mustard yellow in a form for accessory (ex. red handbag or maybe lipstick).

Less is More

French women often swap glam and glitter with self-confidence!

That means, stand up tall and flaunt what you’ve got (and worry less about your “flaws”).

And the trick is?

560609_188547c587d4439ca3671f502ff6fe6f f

Highlight your best features. Like say, if you have nice curves, enhance that with a perfect-fitted high waist skirt. Or if you have a pretty face, wear something that draw attention to your upper half with a beautiful necklace or a pair of earrings that flatter your skin tone. That’s a part of chic fashion!

Remember to keep it simple. Draw attention to one part – and keep it there… and only there.

So avoid adding bold colors and patterns all over the place (eg. red shoes, red jacket) – anything that might overcrowd your overall look. Keep it at one place.

When it comes to bright and bold colors, the trick here is to keep the red colors on one part of your body. Like the jacket and dress, and tone it down with neutral colored tights, bag and jewelry.

French Clothing Colors Palette: Earthy and Neutral Colors

If you want to embrace French fashion wear neutral and earthy colors such brown, black, beige and white. Muted greens, reds and purple are also a part of their main color palette – either monochromatic or in small drizzles.

Bright red is also seen on French women, but it’s kept at a minimum with for example (only) red lipstick or a red dress or jacket on a black monochromatic outfit.



Timeless Pieces

French women focus on simple clothing, and know that they don’t need the flashiest clothes to look good.

I’m sure you’ve noticed how they mix timeless and tailored with something trendy? So put together an outfit with a 50/50 basics and trends. French women like classic, high quality fashion with a tiny pinch of an unexpected twist!



It’s a Scarf Thing

A scarf is a fabulous finishing touch to an outfit. Very French. Wear it around your neck, let it hang loose or wrap it around the handle of your bag. The choice is yours! Make sure to select scarves in colors that flatter your skin tone. It’ll brighten up your face!

Autumn-2012-Street-Style-Fashion-Looks-4 1187857_originalFrench-Look-3

Caps and Hats

When fall is around the corner, most French women pull out their famous winter cap. It adds a cute and quirky vibe to their outfit. Berets and knitted caps are typical French and a must-own during colder months. For a fashion statement try a hat in a typical Fall color – such as plum and red.

Burgundy-003 c341bcf457977c5dad7bc5ee248dff3c large