Katy Perry Celebrates Being Crowned One of Forbes’ Highest-Paid Celebrities


Katy Perry may be one of Forbes‘ highest paid celebrities. But that won’t stop the “Roar” singer from chowing down on some fast food!

Shortly after the publication announced the top earners of 2015, Perry revealed how she celebrated her spot at No. 3. Turns out a little Mexican food was in serious order.

“Don’t think that I didn’t celebrate this moment by going straight to Taco Bell and getting my crunch wrap supreme,” she wrote on Instagram with a photo of her latest cover. “#OnTourBreak.”

And no, guys. This isn’t the first time Perry has enjoyed the fast-food destination. Back in April, the “California Gurls” crooner waited in a lengthy line just to get some tasty snacks.

“You can take the girl out of America but you can’t take the Taco Bell out of the girl, okuurrr,” she shared on Instagram. “Also there was an hour wait fer it…Tokyo knows what’s up!”

Putting fast food aside, Perry really was deeply honored to be featured on the publication’s cover.

“Before accepting the offer to be on the cover of Forbes, I was told that a lot of women have previously shied away from doing it,” she wrote on Instagram. “I wondered if it was because they thought socially it would look like they were flaunting or bragging or it wasn’t a humble decision.”

She continued, “Ladies, there is a difference between being humble and working hard to see the fruits of your labor blossom, and your dreams realized. Hopefully this cover can be an inspiration to women out there that it’s okay to be proud of hard earned success and that there is no shame in being a boss.”

A boss she is! According to Forbes, Perry earned an impressive $135 million partly thanks to her hugely successful Prismatic World Tour.