Oral Sex Moves to Blow Like a Pro


Men love it when women go down on them. A night in the sack with their woman giving them the time of their lives is all they crave for. Truth be told, oral sex is not something you master overnight. It is an art you need to perfect with time. Well, if you want to give him a night to remember then follow these tips to master oral sex and give him exactly what he wants.

Slow dance: Start slow. Let him enjoy the slow feel of your mouth on his manhood. Be very gentle and start by kissing and using your tongue, and then go full throttle.

Don’t use your teeth: A little nibbling is fine but using your teeth is a complete no-no.  It is a very tender spot so you need to be very gentle. Make sure your teeth are far, far away!

Tongue-ing: It’s not always about the lips; you need to add another member for maximum pleasure, that’s your tongue. The head and the bottom of a man’s member are the most sensitive spots. Why not hit them with your tongue and see him go crazy?’

Deep throat: We don’t, but men love it when they are deep inside. To start with deep throating, you need to relax your throat and yourself to prevent a bad case of gag reflex. So take a deep breath, relax your throat and your jaw.  Stick your tongue out and you are ready for the deep end

Gag reflex: Gag reflex during oral sex is but obvious, but what if we tell you there is a way you can completely get rid of it? There are many positions which make sure that the gag reflex is minimised by a big margin. For instance, one of the positions that result is minimum gag reflex is lying on your back on the bed with your man on top of you. So try that out the next time you give him head.

Eye contact: It might be difficult, but try and make eye contact with him as you go down on him. He will love it, and it’s bound to arouse him too. Maintain eye contact without even blinking and it will help increase intimacy and passion in your relationship.

Keep it wet: Lubrication is a very important thing. When down on him, you need to make sure that his member as well as your mouth are well lubricated. Sometimes saliva just doesn’t cut it, so make sure you have water around you, otherwise flavoured lube is always a good option.

Experiment: Everything can’t be taught. You need to experiment to know what your guy likes and what isn’t his favourite dish on the menu. See what turns him on and quickens his pulse, and do that over and over!

Donut: A famous trick known as the donut is eating a whole donut from around your man’s member. Now it’s better to talk it out before you try it out, but it sure sounds like a winner.

Communicate: You need to communicate with your man before going down on him and make it clear to him if you are not comfortable with him climaxing in your mouth. He can get his happy ending but it doesn’t have to be anywhere close to your face, right?