What the “perfect” man looks like, according to men and women


So, according to almost every movie ever, we’re supposed to be most attracted to beefy men with glistening muscles, smoky (and kinda dangerous) eyes that make us feel like they suspect our very darkest, deepest secrets, and thighs that look like they’ve been subjected to Olympic training. Examples of these “idealized” men include (but are totally not limited to, obvs) Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, Will Smith, and Jason Mamoa. In the end, it turns out the ideal dude isn’t Brad, Chris, Will, OR Jason. It’s the “Boy Next Door.”

According to a study organized by Jacamo, a British clothing company for men, “72 percent of women in the UK actually prefer men with the ‘boy next door’ look as opposed to luscious hulks.”

In the study, most men (62 percent!) hypothesized that women would prefer Justin Bieber’s hair, Gerard Butler’s face, Hugh Jackman’s arms, David Gandy’s torso, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs. The perfect man (according to men) is the image on the left, whereas women’s real dream guy (according to women) is the fellow on the right. The study discovered that most heterosexual ladies prefer Prince Harry’s hair, James Corden’s face, Paddy McGuinness’ arms, Ben Cohen’s torso, and Jonathan Ross’ legs.