You Are The Best Investment You’ll Ever Make


“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” –Robin S. Sharma

Like Robin, I am a big believer in the power of “self-investment.”

I invest in myself by reading books and articles that inspire me, by working with teachers and mentors who expand my world, by making time for my daily exercise, by eating the best possible food that I can, by socializing with dear friends who enrich my life, by getting enough sleep, and by taking steps to keep my stress levels in check (de-stressing is probably my most important self-investment!).

Have I always functioned in this way? Nope! I’ve certainly had years where I didn’t invest in myself very consistently or lovingly—and the quality of my life suffered as a result.

I definitely know what it feels like to be running on empty, feeling frenzied and behind on my work, telling myself I don’t “deserve” good food, nice experiences, time to rest, or compassionate treatment from myself and others. Ohhh yes. I’ve been there.

I’m grateful that I no longer hear those types of self-critical thoughts pummeling through my mind every day, and I’m grateful that I’ve learned a new way of “being.” Today, I know that I deserve love and respect from myself and others, every day, no matter what. Today, I know that investing in myself isn’t “selfish” or “vain.” Investing in myself is crucial. It’s what keeps me going strong!

How about you?

What is your favorite way to invest in yourself?

Do you invest in yourself often enough?

What is something you’ve been meaning to start doing—or do with more consistency?

As we move into the holiday season, when life tends to feel especially hectic and bustling, I invite you to make a list of 4 or 5 ways that you can, and will, invest in yourself.

Your list might look something like this:

Throughout the rest of 2015, I will invest in myself by…

—Starting each morning with three deep, full breaths.

—Listening to a calming meditation if my day starts to feel frantic.

—Making time for at least two workouts per week—and I will schedule these in advance!

—Spending at least one hour per week reading a book or an article purely for inspiration and enjoyment—any genre or topic that I want.

—[And so on…]

Try to keep your list of self-investments simple and attainable.

You don’t have to commit to an intensive 30-day yoga challenge or start cooking 100% organic at every meal. It’s OK to start small. Just like adding two dollars to a jar every day for a whole year, small investments add up.

However you decide to “invest” in yourself—through coaching, therapy, training,education, new books, nourishing food, more rest, new habits, healthier routines, or anything else you might choose to do, remember this, always:

YOU are the best investment you’ll ever make.

Be well & have a beautiful holiday season!